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Making themed wreaths

Themed wreaths

Custom wreaths for special events (weddings, baptisms, birth of a child ...), holidays (Christmas, Valentine's Day ...) or as seasonal decorations (autumn ...). of dried flowers, dehydrated fruits and various natural materials.

300,00 - 500,00 HRK

Making large wreaths

Large wreaths

Wreaths about 40 cm in diameter made of dried flowers and dried herbs. Wreaths about 40 cm in diameter made of dried flowers and dried herbs. Arrange your wreath yourself as desired, transfer your style and part of your personality to each space.

300,00 HRK

Making medium wreaths

Medium wreaths

Wreaths about 30 cm in diameter. Like themed and large wreaths, they are made from dried flowers and dried herbs and are completely natural and biodegradable.

250,00 HRK

Making a mini wreath

Mini wreaths

Small wreaths 10-12 cm in diameter are perfect as an individual decoration or as a part of collection. You can also use them as decorative accessories when wrapping gifts or as decorations at weddings.

70,00 HRK

Making hair wreaths

Hair wreaths

Fans of rustic events know how important a hair wreath is in these special occasions: photoshoot, bachelorette party, wedding, confirmation ... They are made exclusively of dried flowers, adjustable and most importantly, they remain as a timeless memory.

170,00 HRK

Making hair combs

Hair combs

The perfect fashion accessory for hair, it is discreet and versatile and will easily fit into any outfit with its elegance. It is composed of a metal comb in gold or black and decorated with selected dried flowers.

100,00 HRK

Making lapel bouquets

Lapel flowers

Miniature bouquets of the most beautiful dried flowers are a beautiful and sustainable choice for any wedding. You can match a wedding bouquet with them, as well as a hair wreath or comb.

170,00 kn (pkg/10 pcs)

Making a flower bouquet

Flower bouquet

Dried flowers bouquets. Choose the bouquet that best suits your personality or give it to a loved one and say that you love him or her.

70,00 - 300,00 HRK

Making ikebana


Carefully selected selection of dried flowers, dried plant crowns and grass arranged in a glass dome with a wooden bottom.

250,00 HRK

Delivery (Croatia) 30,00 HRK